Degrees and Certifications:

Mike Cady, PhD

Superintendent of Schools




Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Julie Toole

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools & Board Of Education


  • It is with pride and appreciation we welcome students and families to our campus for the 2019-20 school year!

    In the Pewaukee School District we embrace our mission to open the door to each child's future. This mission guides our ongoing improvement efforts as we seek to maximize the potential of each learner.  Our focus on each child drives our emphasis on student centered and personalized learning.  We believe that each student has the ability to learn, grow, and succeed and that it is our job to engage child in authentic and meaningful learning experiences. 

    Our focus on the future requires that we consider the nature of our rapidly changing world that our graduates must be prepared to navigate when they leave us.  This means preparing graduates for 2020 as well as looking ahead to the needs of our 4K students who will walk out our doors in 2033!  Our efforts to prepare students for their future led us to develop a new PSD Graduate Profile after a process involving research, analysis of job markets, and receiving feedback from 150 stakeholders.  This profile will be used in developmentally appropriate ways for all 4K-12 students focusing on the 6 Cs of Contribute, Create, Compete, Connect, Commit, and Care.  

    Our teachers, administrators and support staff are committed to learning and improving as we take on the challenge of providing a more innovative and progressive learning experience for our students.  This is evidenced by the the nearly 11,000 hours of professional development completed by our staff over the past two summers alone. 

    At the District Office, our leaders have drafted action plans to support the Strategic Plan focusing on key initiatives including an emphasis on greater personalization of learning, ensuring students are future ready, wellness, employee engagement, communication and digital citizenship. The District also completed a proactive, comprehensive master-planning study of our campus facilities to over the past year that identified needs and solutions for the future growth and educational needs of the campus.  After receiving substantial feedback from out community, the Board of Education approved a referendum to address projects at all four of our schools.  Keep up with the progress of those projects here.

    We are very fortunate to live in a community so supportive of our schools. We are thankful for the resources provided, allowing us to offer a top-notch education for students, in addition to the high level of engagement we receive from our volunteers, mentors and business partners. This kind of community support sends a powerful message to our students on the importance of education. We look forward to working with you - our students, families and community - in the upcoming school year as we embrace the challenge of meeting our mission to open the door to each child’s future.

OpenMike Ep1
  • Episode Four: Changes at ACMS

    by Mike Cady Length: 13:09

    In the fourth installment of the "Open Mike" Podcast, Dr. Cady is accompanied by our fantastic Asa Clark Middle School Principals, Mr. Pizzo and Mrs. Spadoni. The group discusses all the exciting adaptations and additions coming to Asa. Not only is our middle school recieving the most updates in its facilities, it will be transitioning to house 6th, 7th, and 8th grade next year. Learn more about the reasoning behind the design decisions of the school and how they directly impact student learning! 

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  • Episode Three: PHS Principal Advisory Board

    by Mike Cady Length: 12:21

    In the third installment of the "Open Mike Podcast," the PHS's "Principal Advisory Board" joins Dr. Cady to discuss the work the club undertakes as the representatives of the PHS student body. The group consists of Manal Hasan, Noah Sobcsak, Musaab Tareen, Cole Foster, Tiana Tran, and of course, Principal Sniff. Listen as they discuss their favorite decisions they have made for the school, why they got involved, and if they are going to see the new Star Wars movie over break... (Hey! That's an important question too.)

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  • Episode Two: SRO Julie Buddenhagen

    by Length:
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  • Episode One: Pirate News Crew

    by Mike Cady Length: 12:29


    Dr. Cady invites the Horizon Elementary Pirate News Crew to kick off the very first "Open Mike" Podcast!

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