• The Pewaukee School District has a long standing commitment to our mission to open the door to each child’s future.  If we are to meet the commitment of this vision we understand that we must:

    • Ensure our schools are places in which each and every child feels valued, safe and dignified for who they are as individuals.  
    • Prepare graduates for future success by creating learning environments and experiences in which our students grow in their understanding of, and ability to work with, people who come from diverse backgrounds.   


    Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Team: To support district efforts in relation to equity, a team of staff members representing all schools was formed to grow institutional knowledge and understanding.

    As a result of the DEI Team process, the following draft commitments have been developed:

    For each student,we are committed to providing:

    • Equitable Access & Inclusion
    • Equitable Treatment
    • Equitable Opportunity to Learn
    • Equitable Resources

     2021 Community Strategic Planning Survey Results (Diversity & Equity Items): As a component of the PSD Strategic Planning process, three survey items related to diversity and equity were included in the survey for the first time this spring.  The Strategic Planning Survey was deployed to the entire PSD community and resulted in 645 responses.  The results of these items are below: 

    • The Pewaukee School District provides a learning environment that values the diverse backgrounds of all students. 11% Disagree, 20% Neither Agree or Disagree, 69% Agree
    • The Pewaukee School District ensures our students of diverse backgrounds have equal opportunities to participate in advanced coursework, the arts, and extracurricular programs.
    • 5% Disagree, 24% Neither Agree or Disagree, 71% Agree
    • The Pewaukee School District's curriculum ensures culturally relevant learning experiences for all of our students. 12% Disagree, 26% Neither Agree or Disagree, 62% Agree

    In response to these results, other feedback received from stakeholders during strategic planning, and feedback received from current and former students, and others in our community, from a petition submitted to the District in the summer of 2020 calling for improvements in these areas, equity has been identified as priority to be addressed in the next three-year (2021-24) strategic plan.


    Current Areas of Focus/Goals:

    • Increase the diversity of the District workforce to more closely reflect the diversity of our student body
    • Identify gaps or inequities in achievement or programmatic access/participation of subgroups
    • Continue to develop staff understanding of issues and challenges related to diversity, equity and inclusion