• Projects In Motion

    Welcome to our facilities updates page, where we'll provide news, images, videos and more on these vital campus projects.

    We will keep our community apprised of additons to this page, but please do check back for ongoing news on our additions and renovations as we strive to meet our goal completing construction by the start of the 2020-21 school year!


What's Happening NOW

  • Progress:

    • PLE
      • Concrete - Footings completed and foundation walls are being formed and poured
      • Masonry - Block walls started erection
      • Excavation - Foundation excavation completed
    • Horizon
      • Masonry - brick veneer was completed at the new office and also began at new corridor exit
      • Precast - Final closeup panels installed
      • Electrical - Started installation of electrical components

    "Next Wave" Goals (2 Weeks):

    • Site
      • Site Utility - Complete existing utlitly relocation at Asa 6th grade addition
    • PLE
      • Concrete - Complete foundation work
      • Excavation - Backfill foundations
      • Masonry - Begin interior masory walls
      • Demolition - Start demolition at the existing third grade wing
    • Horizon
      • Roofing - Complete roofing activities
      • Concrete - Complete concrete slab on grade
      • Mechanical and Electrical - Begin above ceiling rough-ins
      • Painting - Begin painting interior 
    • Asa
      • Earthwork - Begin excavating foundations
      • Concrete - Start footing work

Weekly Construction Updates