• Projects In Motion

    Welcome to our facilities updates page, where we'll provide news, images, videos and more on these vital campus projects.

    We will keep our community apprised of additons to this page, but please do check back for ongoing news on our additions and renovations as we strive to meet our goal completing construction by the start of the 2020-21 school year!


What's Happening NOW

  • Progress:

    • Began Excavation at Horizon and Mobilized Concrete Foundation Crews
    • We Engergies Relocated Gas Line around the Horizon Addition

    "Next Wave" Goals (2 Weeks):

    • Complete foundation work for Masonry Wall Construction to Begin
    • Begin Site Utility Work Around the Loop Road and North Side of Horizon
    • Establish Onsite Construction Office
    • Commence Review of Bid Package 2 Bids



Weekly Construction Updates