Ms. Greupink
  • Welcome and Hello!! I am very excited to be here at Asa Clark Middle School and share my passion for learning! Here are a few of my beliefs on art, learning, and life that I hope will help you get to know me :)

    Art is a way of knowing and understanding the world around us. It is a visual language that is both personal and universal to all. It is a connector; it allows us to share and interact across boundaries, while it also reveals truths that can inspire personal growth. Art is a way of knowing because it engages students in active thinking both as the creator and the viewer. It has the power to create infinite opportunities to facilitate learning, and as an educator, it is my joy and passion to share with children the skills to interpret and understand the world through visual culture.
    I believe in respect for everyone without exception. Learning is promoted when we listen and collaborate with one another in a  space of mutual respect. Using an inquiry based teaching approach models for students how to be researchers and responsible for their learning. It is my aim to teach students how to think, question, and discover so they become excited about learning.

    I am looking forward to a wonderful year getting to know you all!!
    Ms. Candace Greupink