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    Pewaukee School District Is Growing

    Our district is one of the fastest-growing school districts in Waukesha County in recent years. We are seeing a continuation of a long-term trend in which more and more families with school-aged children are moving into the Pewaukee School District. This is a testament to the educational innovation taking place in our schools and the value seen in our community as a whole.

    Over the past 18 months, the district has engaged in a master planning process to evaluate facility needs in light of the steady enrollment increases we are experiencing.

    Pewaukee School District Timeline


    The Need

    Over the past eight years, Pewaukee has seen considerable residential growth, making us one of the fastest-growing school districts in Waukesha County. This has increased our enrollment – especially at the elementary level, where we are experiencing the greatest pressure on our capacity.

    We are acting now to meet the District’s needs due to this resident enrollment growth.

    Enrollment trends tell us the Board of Education should act soon to ensure the district continues to provide quality programs and maintain strong financial stewardship.

    We are focused on constantly striving to be the best. 

    Families continue to move to Pewaukee in large part because of our award-winning schools, which are known for their students’ exceptional academic achievement. While this is great news, it also means the district must find new ways to meet the demands of more students attending our schools.

    Projected Resident Enrollment Growth Chart

    Pewaukee School District enrollment

    Projected Enrollment Growth By School

    Pewaukee enrollment
    * Applied Populations Laboratory | University of Wisconsin-Madison, Planning for the Schools of Tomorrow, School Enrollment Projections Series - Pewaukee School District,  December 2016

    The Solution

    To accommodate this accelerated growth and alleviate the greatest capacity pressure, the district proposes a solution involving additions at each of its facilities to support a grade reconfiguration moving sixth grade to Asa Clark Middle School and third grade to Horizon Elementary School.

    Grade Reconfiguration

    Pewaukee Grade reconfiguration

    The Plan

    See below for our conceptual site plan. You may also click here to view our interactive map.

    Pewaukee School District Site Plan

    The Cost

    The District has strategically managed the amount of debt issues through past construction projects to minimize the impact of new debt issuances to meet the needs of the growing student population into the future.
    The tax impacts below represent the increase over the current amount being paid for referendum debt.

    Pewaukee School District referendum Tax Impact Chart

    Click here to utilize our TAX IMPACT ESTIMATION CALCULATOR to estimate your property value's tax impact.

    See the image below to view the estimated costs of each project.

    Phase 1 Estimates